Our team is always working towards making Road XS software even better. We rely on the Road XS community to inform us about bugs and to request features so we can continue improving the platform as your services evolve.  

Our development roadmap serves as a guide to some of the new features coming soon to Road XS and when you can expect to see new features on the platform.  We may release things earlier if possible than scheduled.

We generally release about 2 updates a month depending on the build time and quantity of updates.  Our core releases are centred around the following features (though we also release minor updates too).

June 2019 

  • Advanced invoicing
  • Driver portal improvements
  • Mobile driver portal improvements

July 2019 

  • Passenger portal development 
  • Car share linking
  • Dial a Ride updates


  • Driver messaging
  •  Demand responsive transport improvements
  • Passenger loading times


  • Bug squashing
  • Machine learning 
  • Service announcements and improvements
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