Historical Archives (Before December 2019) 

Below, you can see every update we have done on Road XS prior to December 2019.  
In December 2019, we updated how we inform our users of changes and improvements to Road XS.  You can see our latest updates by clicking the button above.

The reason for this was to provide a more real-time information service with more detail relating to the updates and changes.  We didn't want to lose our history of where we came from, so we have left it for you to read below:

Release Archives

Version 161 (18/11/2019)

🎁 NEW: Bus pass number now available in the passenger profile.

🎁 NEW: Road XS community feature request board now shows in the community area of Road XS meaning you can now communicate your ideas all from within Road XS.

IMPROVED:  Driver mileage entry in the admin side.  You can now easily add mileage and time much easier with estimated mileage highlighted vs actual mileage entered by the driver.

IMPROVED:  Car scheme pickup time now clearer driven by the driver pickup time and not the estimated optimised time.

IMPROVED:  Route recalculate button now shows clearer on the journey overview.

IMPROVED:  Dial a Ride optimisations.

Version 160 (25/10/2019)

Journey optimisation engine which now focusses solely on the passenger journey and ensuring they do not spend too long in transit (dial a ride specific).  This upgrade is totally unique to Road XS and ensures people are treated as people, not parcels. Route and time estimations are now much improved and are more "real-world" accurate.

🎁 NEW: Mapping engine.

🎁 NEW: Journey creation design and workflow.

IMPROVED:  Migration to a new server to improve speed and performance.  This will come live 26-27th October 2019.

IMPROVED:  Driver portal.  We udpated it so it's more driven towards claiming mileage and a few interface improvements to speed up the claims process.

🐞 FIXED: A number of minor bugs. 

Version 159 (12/09/2019)

🎁 NEW: Verification process to ensure everyone double checks the journey information has been entered correctly.

IMPROVED:  Booking calendar with limiting time slot based on other passengers on the journey.  New design launched too to simplify creating and editing journeys.

IMPROVED:  Group Bookings and Dial a Ride journey creation design with improved workflows and features.

🐞 FIXED: DND driver portal bug.

Version 158 (06/09/2019)

🎁 NEW: Community area within Road XS so you can easily request features, access resources and more!

IMPROVED:  Driver portal.  We udpated it so it's more driven towards claiming mileage and a few interface improvements to speed up the claims process.

🐞 FIXED: Few minor bugs.

Version 157 (28/08/2019)

🎁 NEW: Do Not Disturb Mode.  Driver can now place themselves in a Do Not Disturb Mode meaning that they don't get disturbed whilst on holiday.

IMPROVED:  We improved the postcodes report so that you can now search easily by area and select postcodes individually.  This speeds up building your custom reports dramatically.

🐞 FIXED: A minor reporting issue.

Version 156 (06/08/2019)

🎁 NEW: Driver 'Busynes' status.  When using the driver lookup feaure you will now see a coloured circle if that driver has more than one journey happening on the same day.  You can hover over the circle to see how many they are doing.

🎁 NEW: Minimum driver fee.  You can now set in general settings or per payment source the minimum driver fee for a journey.  This means if the journey mileage is less than the minimum fee the driver will receive your lowest fee.  This helps prevent drivers get under paid.

🐞 FIXED: Recurring journey ID not displaying correctly.

Version 155 (02/08/2019)

🎁 NEW: Disabling notifications.  Under account details you can now choose whether you wish to receive notifications relating to Road XS activities.

IMPROVED:  Search bar.  The information presented in the global search bar is much improved and clearer to follow and now includes invoices.

IMPROVED:  Imrpvoed breakdowns in the automated invoiving generation process.  Choose whether to include mileage and admin fees or either or.

IMPROVED:  Passenger contact number shows in the driver portal once that driver has been confirmed only.

Version 154 (24/07/2019)

🎁 NEW: Passenger Portal.  Your passengers can now use Road XS to book their journeys 24/7 even when your office is shut.  You can control who has access to this feature by configuring their accounts.

🎁 NEW: Booking Bot.  We have launched our brand new booking bot which proivdes a friendly service assisting in booking a journey in the passenger portal.

🎁 NEW: Journey breakdowns for invoicing.  You can now export a breakdown of journeys which have been completed for each invoice which is automatically generated.  This can show mileage and fees along with grouping options.  

IMPROVED:  You can now edit service areas per journey and payment sources per passenger.  This is added to ensure journeys are entered into the correct areas for automated invoicing to remain accurate.

🐞 FIXED: Minor bugs and workflow improvements. 

Version 153 (27/06/2019)

🎁 NEW: Messages.  You can now communicate with your drivers (and soon passengers) directly from the brand new messaging plaform built within Road XS.  This works in all areas of the driver portal too.

🎁 NEW: Unconfirmed journey status.  For every journey created from the passenger portal they will go into an unconfirmed journey status for admin staff to confirm them.

🎁 NEW: Driver Portal bot.  You can now communicate with our very own Road XS bot within the Road XS driver portal across all devices.

🎁 NEW: Postcode Report.  Get real insights with the all new postcode report, now accessible under reports.  You can create custom postcode groups and create your very own detailed data.  You can also see your active passengers and drivers within these postcode areas.

IMPROVED:  Automated invoicing and generation.  We have improved the way automated invoicing and finance works within Road XS.  

IMPROVED:  Additional cancellation reasons for improved cancellation reporting.

Version 152 (12/06/2019)

🎁 NEW: Payment method for informing drivers whether passengers are paying in cash on the day or from other means.  This now shows on the journey overview.

IMPROVED:  Driver portal with new updates and layout improvements and functionality.

IMPROVED:  Automated invoicing capability.  

Version 151 (13/05/2019)

🎁 NEW: Demand responsive passenger count for dial a ride and car schemes meaning you can now provide closer journeys with additional pickups so long as the vehicle capacity is not met at particular time periods on the complete journey.

IMPROVED:  Mobile and tablet driver portal with the ability for drivers to now see their journeys and allocate themselves to nearby journeys.

🐞 FIXED: Minor bug squashing and workflow improvements.

Version 150 (24/04/2019)

🎁 NEW: Driver portal user interface.

IMPROVED:  Driver lookup performance improvements.

IMPROVED:  Dial a ride interactive run sheet.

IMPROVED:  Road XS settings area.

🐞 FIXED: Minor bug squashing.

Version 149 (10/04/2019)

🎁 NEW: Confirm all button when a journey is in call pending to confirm passengers in one go.

🎁 NEW: Run sheet for offline viewing of routes for drivers.

🎁 NEW: Disability report.

🎁 NEW: Driver records will now remind you a month in advance and you can now see those expiring and expired by selecting the appropriate option on the list.

🎁 NEW: Fares for Dial a Ride to show different rates per passenger based on journey type.

IMPROVED:  Performance and speed enhancements.

IMPROVED:  24 hour clock throughout to ensure the correct times are selected.

IMPROVED:  Driver fare now shows in the driver portal.

Version 148 (19/03/2019)

🎁 NEW: Driver support bot.  There is now a support available to drivers in the driver portal to assist with any queries and how to use the portal.

🎁 NEW: Dial a Ride update with automated route scheduling and pickups with manual overrides.

🎁 NEW: Beta release of our new GPS tracker showing the location of drivers and vehicles from any tablet or mobile device.  This also includes an interactive run sheet.

IMPROVED: API for route calculations and arrive times.

Version 147 (06/02/2019)

🎁 NEW: Journey creation process to accompany journey type per passenger.

🎁 NEW: Dial a ride creation process to simplify passenger pickups.

🎁 NEW: Pinpointing locations on a map. 

IMPROVED: User workflows throughout Road XS.

🐞 FIXED: Bug squashing and improvements.

Version 146 (02/01/2019)

🎁 NEW: Brand new interface deisgn and layout on Road XS.  We have simplified the interface and made it much cleaner for everyone to use.

🎧 NEW: The Road XS Podcast.  We have launched our Podcast show at www.roadxs.com/podcast! You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Tune In, Stitcher and more!

🐞 FIXED: Minor bugs reported by the Road XS Community.

Version 145 (12/12/2018)

🎁 NEW: Route Manager: We have replaced recurring journeys with the new route manager to make your life easier.

🎁 NEW: Independent passengers.  Each passenger is now unique and each can have their own appointment, mobility option and payment source.  These means you can now have different fares / rates per passenger. 

🎁 NEW: Journey ID codes.  A main recurring journey begins with R, sub journeys with S and normal journeys with J.

🎁 NEW: Integrated support platform.  All chat and support is integrated into one platform.

🎁 NEW: Meet Olive our new chat bot!
IMPROVED: Journey creation process.  We have now integrated a number of features whilst creating a journey.

🐞FIXED: Bugs reported from the Road XS community.

Version 144 (07/11/2018)

🎁 NEW: Pay as you Go customers can now settle all invoices within Road XS as our payments platform is now fully integrated.

🎁 NEW: Manual route override.  You can now manually override the optimised route to ensure the pickup and drop off order.  Just choose the option ‘Reorder Route’ and then drag and drop the pickup and drop off points.

🎁 NEW: Route layout for minibus and dial a ride journeys.

🎁 NEW: Mapping engine geocoding to improve lookup locations and remote areas.

🎁 NEW: Passenger profile fields including blue badge, bus pass and NHS journey claim back.

🎁 NEW: Ability to disable email notifications per role.

IMPROVED: User interface.  The journey boards are now much clearer for smaller screens.

IMPROVED: Auto passenger archiving for those not using the service within 12 months.

IMPROVED: Invoicing improvements.

IMPROVED: Multi-Passenger pickup/drop-off design.

IMPROVED: Driver portal layout tweaks

IMPROVED: Journey mapping updates across the journey management spectrum.

Version 143 (10/10/2018)

🎁 NEW: Re-Calculate journey journey.  This enables you to double check the estimated mileage and cosst if something looks a little odd.

🎁 NEW: Direct driver email link on the driver lookup screen

🎁 NEW: Driver mileage calculation on the driver lookup screen

⚡ IMPROVED: Driver lookup design to make information cleaner and easier to follow flow.

⚡ IMPROVED: Driver mileage calculation to prevent user errors.

⚡ IMPROVED: Journey audit which now includes all the steps following all the Road XS updates to show you the full history on all your new journeys.

⚡ IMPROVED: Driver portal layout tweaks

🐞FIXED: Minor issues raised by the Road XS community

Version 142 (25/09/2018)

🎁 NEW: Driver status by record.  You can now see which drivers records have expired.  This is also linked to the driver portal so they can manage their own records too.  This is linked into the dashboard for admins to gain quick access to records.

🎁 NEW: Road XS logo.

⚡ IMPROVED: Traffic feed information.  There is now an improved design for traffic feed data and the pop up window.

⚡ IMPROVED: Nearby driver algorithm.

⚡ IMPROVED: Driver portal

🐞FIXED: Some very minor bugs reported by the Road XS community.

Version 141 (17/09/2018)

🎁 NEW: Invoicing capabilities and design.  You can create automated, ad-hoc invoices and send reminders easier than ever.  The invoices also integrates with the Driver’s Portal.

🎁 NEW: Invoicing email design and PDF preview.  You can now preview your PDF invoice and see invoice details clearly in a new email design.

🎁 NEW: E-Mail notification design.

🎁 NEW: Custom Road XS font so that the software, website and support portal is much easier to read.

⚡ IMPROVED: Performance improvements throughout Road XS based on the Road XS Community feedback.

⚡ IMPROVED: Driver Portal with more information and filters.

⚡ IMPROVED: Nearest available driver and lookup capabilities

🐞FIXED: Squashed numerous bugs which improve the overall experience of Road XS for all.

⛰️ Version 140 (Everest: 22/08/2018)

🎁 NEW: Multi-passenger pickup and drop off.  You can now add multiple stops per passenger in the system.  It enables you greater flexability with your route planning.  In the past you had to use waypoints, now you can drop someone off and pick them up later all within the same journey.  You can also do that more than once so we have catered for numerous eventualities and have embedded this new feature into the car scheme, accessible vehicles, minibusses and dial a ride.

🎁 NEW: Vehicle activity board.  You can now get a birds-eye view of your vehicles and what they are up to for any given day.  You can also compare workloads and check status qiuckly with a full journey break down too.

🎁 NEW: Vehicle service options. This also shows up on the vehicle activity board.  You can now quickly see which vehicles are in action and which aren’t and why.

🎁 NEW: Journey creation workflows.  We have added new icons and made the whole process smoother and more logicial, tying in the new multi passsenger pickup features.

🎁 NEW: Multi passenger drop-off info.  When more than one passenger is being dropped off at a stop it now groups them together and you can hover for more details.

🎁 NEW: Journey filter for ‘This Week’ which allows you to filter journeys occuring this week in the journey tables.  This shows up in any of the journey table views.

🎁 NEW: Ability to add a return leg to a journey with details broken down as well.

🎁 NEW: Edit journey function allowing you to have more control over editing routes.

🎁 NEW: Waypoint location.  You can now choose whether the waypoint is on the way in or way back.  This streamlines route planning within Road XS.  The waypoints are built into the smart route technology so as it’s en-route it will pick the best time to get to the waypoint based on the passenger pickups.

🎁 NEW: Live chat service and support process.  You can now pop out into a separate window the live chat service so you don’t have to remain within Road XS to chat with us.  We have also launched a brand new support portal supporting bug captures and feature requests.

🎁 NEW: Payment system.  We’ve partnered up with Square.  We will eventually build this into Road XS so you can pay direct via the software.  BACS payments still accepted.

⚡ IMPROVED: Invoice automation settings.

⚡ IMPROVED: User interface with some modified icons and workflows.

⚡ IMPROVED: Driver portal with information improvements.

🐞FIXED: Numerous bugs raised by the Road XS community relating to this update.  Thank you to all who assisted – as you know this was a massive update but one which will benefit everyone.  These benefits will become much clearer to everyone in forthcoming updates which will make your life so much easier and automated.

Version 139 (25/06/2018)

🎁 NEW: Seated passengers.  You can now add a number of seated passengers (depending on the vehicle capacity) if you don’t know the pasenger names.

⚡ IMPROVED: Create journey within minibus without the old toggles

⚡ IMPROVED: You can now do a global search for a journey in the driver’s portal.

Version 138 (21/06/2018)

🎁 NEW: World Cup theme

⚡ IMPROVED: Security
We have upgraded the security options to allow role specifc systems access only at defined locations.

⚡ IMPROVED: Driver’s Portal improvements based upon the feedback provided by the drivers.

⚡ IMPROVED: The invoice automation process.

⚡ IMPROVED: Auditing and system logs.

🐞FIXED: A few bugs found from the Road XS community.  Thank you as ever!

Version 137 (07/06/2018)

We’ve re-designed the driver portal and made it easier to use.  You can now filter journeys in the portal and we also included invoices with the complete break down of journeys completed by the driver.  This is particularly useful for collecting driver fees.  For those of you with an online payment processor such as PayPal you can also collect your fees online in one go.

We are trialling a new real-time chat feature both on the Road XS website and within the software itself.  So far this feature is proving propular.  You can request feature requests, report a bug and just chat to us for help all in real-time.  When we’re not available you can just fill in the offline form and it creates a ticket in our system for us to follow up on.  You can also attach any screenshots / documents with ease.  It just makes things a whole lot easier for you and us!  So far everyone seems to like it.

🎁 NEW: We’ve improved the process for looking up addresses.  You now get immediate feedback when you press lookup so you know Road XS is processing your requirement.

🎁 NEW: When adding your frequently used or favourite locations you no longer have to manually write them all out.  You can now use the address lookup function to save you some time.  If you can’t find the address with the lookup, simply manually enter it in.

🎁 NEW: We added back in the ability to edit the source of a journey.

🎁 NEW: You can now pin a note for a passenger so that you can see the note on every journey for that passenger.

⚡ IMPROVED: Driver password generator for logging into the driver’s portal.

⚡ IMPROVED: With the new real-time chat feature we lost the space to show completed journeys.  We added this to the top – it just made sense to pop it up there.  Thanks to those who noticed it had gone.

Version 136 (30/05/2018)

🎁 NEW: GDPR features including a consent script for all clients.  You can access the script from the passenger profile page and it will appear for any passenger not consented to use your services as a reminder.  You can also change the script to personalise it if required.

🎁 NEW: System wide notification designs to improve alerts from the system.  A bit more user freindly and clearer.

🎁 NEW: Admins with the correct user access rights can now login from the admin portal as the driver. This saves having to ask the driver for their login details when trying to assist them.  They can also jump back into the admin portal.

⚡ IMPROVED: The user interface now has the shadows removed and some slight design changes.  We hope you like them.

🐞FIXED: A few bugs found from the Road XS community.  Thank you as ever!

Version 135 (02/05/2018)

🎁 NEW: Login screen which includes a link into the support portal.

⚡ IMPROVED: Reporting throughout Road XS to make data clearer to read.

🐞FIXED: Just some niggles here and there to improve workflow.

Version 134 (12/04/2018)

🎁 NEW: A brand new reports interface to enable you to navigate in between reports from the report title a lot easier.

🎁 NEW: Performance report highlighting total journeys over time, most popular / busiest days, cancellation overview and reasons and drivers vs passengers to monitor your service levels. This report loads by default when accessing reports.

🎁 NEW: Journeys totals reports and layout to highlight actual journeys vs created.

🎁 NEW: HMRC Allowed Mileage and Payments report so that you can see which driver’s are over the 10,000 mile limit.

🎁 NEW: Second driver allocation for the return leg of return journeys so that you have the option to choose a different driver on return journeys. All you do is select / de-select the second driver option and then lookup the available driver as normal. The lookup occurs from the passenger destination so that you continue using a local driver for the second leg.

🎁 NEW: Payment methods for cash and cheque when marking off invoices.

⚡ IMPROVED: Mobility icons and options including walking frame, foldable wheelchair, non-foldable wheelchair and power wheelchair.

⚡ IMPROVED: We added an improved description for when generating reports. You can select variables to compare values or, if you just press generate report all data will show in the report. A number of users were unaware that this was possible. We made it clearer.

⚡ IMPROVED: Invoice numbers and ordering so they can be found quickly.

🐞FIXED: Small and minor bugs raised by the Road XS community.

Version 133 (15/03/2018)

🏆 UPGRADE: Our mapping engine has now been fully updated.  It is now more accurate than ever and improves estimated mileage which in turn inmproves  estimated cost calculations and journey times.   It also now functions faster.

🎁 NEW: Road XS will now inform you when a volunteer driver has completed more than 10,000 miles at which point the cost per mile drops to 25p.  This falls in line with HMRC’s allowed mileage and payment (AMAP) requirements.  Find out more here.

🎁 NEW: Invoice automation settings.  You can now choose which payment sources are included in the invoice automation generation.  It means you can select or de-select services to auto invoice for.

🎁 NEW: Road XS now pre-fills the driver mileage claim section.  This improves transparency for invoicing.

⚡ IMPROVED: When openning recurring journeys it will now show you active journeys immediately.  Button then available as normal to filter through them.

⚡ IMPROVED: Passenger and driver search now increased by default 15 to 100 results.

⚡ IMPROVED: When openning recurring journeys it will now show you active journeys immediately.  Button then available as normal to filter through them.

⚡ IMPROVED: Mileage calculation reporting updated.

Version 132 (20/02/2018)

🎁 NEW: User interface with a fully integrated transport service design bringing all your journeys together. The interface and design has been completely overhauled to reduce eye strain and present information clearer. The top icons have also been improved and modernised with a thumbs up symbolising confirmed journeys.

🎁 NEW: Filtering features above each journeys so you can quickly find the journeys you’re looking for.

🎁 NEW: Driver admin fees invoice automation.

🎁 NEW: Main Menu structure and animation.

🎁 NEW: Website to co-incide with the new user interface at www.roadxs.com

⚡ IMPROVED: Mapping engine to enhance the accuracy of addresses for obscure and remote locations.

⚡ IMPROVED: Recurring journey ordering.

⚡ IMPROVED: Journey mileage calculations.

🐞FIXED: A number of bugs highlighted with the beta release are now all resolved so the update has been fully streamlined.  Thank you to everyone who sends through their findings we do appreciate it.

Version 131 (19/01/2018)

🎁 NEW: Optimisations to impove loading times within the software and enhanced routing optimisations.

🎁 NEW: Support portal launched at
www.roadxs.com/support with all the information required to support clients who use Road XS.

🐞 FIXED: A number of minor niggles to improve the user experience.

Version 130 (12/12/2017)

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new Dial-a-Ride development.  The Dial a Ride update brings with it intelligent smart routing technology to ensure the correct passengers are added onto the bus journey into the right order and, with accurate pickup times and drop off locations.  It’s a major upgrade to the whole journey routing process and one of the best available.   We have also re-designed the journey information layout so that you can see clearly the vital information of the journey.

🎁 NEW: Given the recent snowfall we have added a new cancellation reason “Adverse Weather” which will now show up in your cancellation reports.

🐞 FIXED: We have fixed a generic availability bug which was occuring from the driver allocation drop down options.  This now mirrors what’s happening on the availability calender for drivers.

Version 129 (01/12/2017)

❄️🎉⛄️ CHRISTMAS THEME: We’re pleased to announce the Christmas theme which will run from today until 5th January 2018.  We hope you like it.

Version 128 (07/11/2017)

🎁 NEW: Introducing themes.  There is now a rememberance theme on the dashboard and throughout the seasons and year we will now be updating the software throughout to keep things fresh and enjoyable for the end user.

🎁 NEW: Expiring recurring journeys reminder added to the dashboard.

⚡ IMPROVED: The report layout and sections.

⚡ IMPROVED: Data capture during the journey creation process to ensure you always categorise your journey even if it’s not a favourite.

🐞 FIXED: Some minor bugs raised by the community.

Version 127 (24/10/2017)

🎁 NEW: Ability to add admin fee as not applicable to any journey.

🎁 NEW:  When creating a journey which is not listed in the favourites list you can now categorise it.  This greatly improves your reporting capabilities and offers greater freedom.

⚡ IMPROVED: Driver active and archived layout improvements.

Version 126 (19/10/2017)

🎁 NEW: Action Board: Enabling you to get instant control on all your journeys with key important tasks, pending drivers and calls.  The streamlined way of managing your journeys quickly.

🎁 NEW: Integrated traffic feeds with the options to select which traffic you’d like to see under your account settings (click your name on the top menu and select my account).

🎁 NEW: Dashboard design

⚡ IMPROVED: User experience.

🐞 FIXED: Some very minor bugs and an improvement in the database.

Version 125 (09/10/2017)

🎁 NEW: The ability for passengers to be auto archived if they haven’t used the transport services for x amount of time which is set by the client. The default position is that this is disabled.

🎁 NEW: On the journey overview screen, if there is an  new show admin note button to quickly access admin notes made about a journey.

🎁 NEW: Passenger report outlining active and archived passengers.

⚡ IMPROVED: The ability to edit the title on recurring journeys without needing to cancel it and re-enter everything.

⚡ IMPROVED: All driver and passenger’s surnames capitalised for clarity and consistency.

⚡ IMPROVED: The ability edit the driver pickup time without needing to unallocated the driver and re-allocate.

🐞 FIXED: General bugs and items raised from the Road XS community.

Version 124 (22/09/2017)

Following numerous requests from the community, you can now edit sources, pickup points, destination and further details for any journey.  It means you now edit journey details and not have to cancel a journey and re-enter the details.  You can also setup access controls to enable or diable admin users from editing the journey details.  This keeps you in control.

🐞 FIXED: General bugs and fixes sent in from the community.

Version 123 (25/07/2017)

You can now fully manage your invoicing in Road XS which includes automating your billing processes.  A brief summary of the new features include:

– Automating weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual  invoices per passenger, driver and sources as required per setting
– Creating ad-hoc invoices
– Tracking invoice payments
– Processing invoice payments and payments tracking
– Sending automated reminders
– Invoicing either admin fees, mileage or both
– Invoice preview and PDF generation
– Integrated invoice emailing and automatic reminders ensuring you get paid
– VAT management

🎁 NEW: Passenger and driver data merging to reduce duplicates as well as an initial lookup when adding new passengers and drivers into the system.

🎁 NEW: Export daily schedules so you have an offline copy.  This is part of our transitional programme to ensure you can operate offline and online.

🎁 NEW: The ability to email drivers and passengers from the main information screens.

🔨 MODIFIED: Data security and data processing procedure to fall in line with the new GDPR regulations coming into force in May 2018. This ensures if you use Road XS you meet your data protection obligations and compliance requirements for handling passenger and driver information. Even if you operate from paper you need to meet these standards. Road XS makes this easy as it’s all built in.

⚡ IMPROVED: Faster ability to add driver mileages into the system which improves fee collections

⚡ IMPROVED: Driver availability to calculate in holidays and other reasons of unavailability without disrupting active scheduled journeys.

⚡ IMPROVED: Driver portal to include required data for passengers meeting the latest legislations.

⚡ IMPROVED: Driver fee management report.

⚡ IMPROVED: DrIver allocation screen with improved contact details for passengers.

🐞 FIXED: General bugs and minor requests from the Road XS community.

Version 122 (14/06/2017)

🎁 NEW: The ability to state whether a passenger is accompanied by a carer.

⚡ IMPROVED: Journey information overview screen to know if you are in a recurring group journey or child journey.

⚡ IMPROVED: Data backup procedures.

⚡ IMPROVED: Minibus journey management.

🐞 FIXED: Driver availability issue when a journey was cancelled.

MAJOR RELEASE: Version 121 (29/05/2017)

The ability to add waypoints and plot any route in real-time!  Simply the best way of plotting your routes in a fully integrated, streamlined work-flow.  You can even check the route with the passenger at the same time informing them of pickup times and distance.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our minibus management system.  It’s the best availble and makes planning routes and vehicle availability a breeze.  Not only that – but when you allocate a driver it will only show you the drivers with the appropriate driving license type.  Road XS does the hard work so you don’t have to!

You can now manage your fleet of vehicles with Road XS!  Store test data, MOT details, appropriate licenses requirements and more!  Stay in control with Road XS.

Road XS will now plan your routes selecting the smartest route even if you change your destination and add waypoints along the way.  You also get real-time pickup time updates saving you a host of work.

Drivers can now allocate themselves to journeys close to them and decline journeys they don’t want to take – saving hours of time for admin staff when managing community transport services.

🎁 NEW: A brand new journey creation form which is easier to use and to see the fields with an improved user interface design to optimise how journeys are created in the system.

⚡ IMPROVED: Our intelligent mapping system just got smarter!  The system now runs smoother and automatically optimises routes and pickup times.

⚡ IMPROVED: Real-Time routing and planning.  Road XS now picks the best and most efficient routes based on the location your passengers need to get to.

🔨 MODIFIED: The driver and passenger profile fields to enhance the data capture process.

🐞 FIXED: We’ve squashed a number of minor bugs noticed by community members and optimised the database to speed things up.

Version 120 (12/05/2017)

🎁 NEW: Driver notes hover feature so you have key notes at your fingertips when allocating drivers.

🎁 NEW: Additional passenger fields to capture further data.

🎁 NEW: Ability for managers to change an apppointment time if it were cancelled to keep the journey active and inform the driver of the new time.

⚡ IMPROVED: Improved bug capture form with key new fields to assist you if you ever need to report a bug.

⚡ IMPROVED: Invalid login notifications now only show for key personnel.

⚡ IMPROVED: Recurring journeys management to allow managers to edit appointment times and set cancellation options for recurring journeys.

🐞 FIXED: We’ve squahed a number of minor bugs in this release to optimise operations on Road XS.

Version 119 (17/04/2017)

🎁 NEW: You can now hover over a note icon when allocating drivers to see instantly any notes added on their profile.

🎁 NEW: Postcode look-up on driver and passenger addresses.

🎁 NEW: Ethnicity options added to the passenger profile and gender on driver and passenger.

⚡ IMPROVED: You now are forced to select a day of the week when allocating driver availability.

⚡ IMPROVED: The Road XS website.

Version 118 (31/03/2017)

🎁 NEW: Recurring Journey Upgrade.  You can only create a recurring journey up to 3 months in length (to avoid mistakes), however under recurring journeys you can now see recuring journeys which are expring soon and expired and extend any up to a further 3 months.

🎁 NEW: Cancellation reason of Unable to Allocate Driver.

🎁 NEW: Login error message to warn users and remind them to check with an administrator their login details before proceding further.

⚡ IMPROVED: When dealing with driver allocation there are now new colours on the tables and in the drop down options.

⚡ IMPROVED: The online user guide has been brought up to date to accommodate all the updates over the past 6 months.  We recommend that current users re-read the guide to refresh themselves with features of Road XS.

🔨 MODIFIED: The backup procedure to keep the server operating at peak conditions during business hours.

🐞 FIXED: Squashed some very minor bugs which improve the overall user experience.

Version 117 (16/03/2017)

🎁 NEW: You can now filter journeys by time period via the sidebar.

🎁 NEW: You can now add multiple passengers to a journey when creating a journey right at the start.  Verification is also added to ensure that at least one passenger has to be added to any journey.

🎁 NEW: Aligning with the improvements in the driver portal, there is a new confirm pending status in the admin area, allowing admins to confirm that payment has been made by the driver.

🎁 NEW: Password generator for within the driver profile area for allocating new passwords for the driver portal.

⚡ IMPROVED: The driver portal has been improved to streamline the data capture form the drivers.

⚡ IMPROVED: When entering the pickup date and time for the driver you can’t pick a date and time beyond the date of the appointment.

⚡ IMPROVED: The appointment date and time now shows on the driver pickup time calendar.

⚡ IMPROVED: Once a journey has been created you can now click the ID and go directly into that journey via the confirmation screen.

⚡ IMPROVED: The admin notes per journey has been enhanced.

⚡ IMPROVED: When allocating a driver each of the options now go a specific colour for clarity.

🔨 MODIFIED: Driver availability algorithmn.

🐞 FIXED: Minor bugs.

Version 116 (10/03/2017)

🎁 NEW: You can now add multiple passengers to a journey when creating a journey right at the start.  Verification is also added to ensure that at least one passenger has to be added to any journey.

🎁 NEW: You can now request a feature and report any bugs from within the software via the footer.  The feature request links into the community area where you can now vote on your favourite feature requests (see more details below in improved).

🎁 NEW: When cancelling a journey you can now select why a journey was cancelled and there is also a new cancellation report with a break down per source for reasons.

🎁 NEW: Road XS logo released.

⚡ IMPROVED: The Road XS online community area at www.roadxs.com/community has now been enhanced to accommodate a new feature request process.

⚡ IMPROVED: Security has been enhanced and now includes encryption.

🔨 MODIFIED: Offices have now been renamed to Service Areas with access control configured to enable you to add users to only certain aspects and areas of the software.  This means you can now streamline your service delivery to particular areas or departments.  We also added the ability to colour code the journey icons.  You are also now forced to select a service area when creating a journey to improve data capture and reporting.

🐞 FIXED: Minor bugs.

MAJOR RELEASE: Version 115 (01/03/2017)

You can now allocate more than one passenger to a journey and see the available spaces per journey.  Multi-passenger journeys also incorporate each pick-up point on the map and provide an estimated pick-up time per passenger based on the next closest passenger.  The entire journey sub-system has been re-modelled so that it is just as easy to use as before.

🎁 NEW: User interface to ensure you focus on key information.  We have also included navigatoinal icons throughout to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.  The software automatically switches between single passenger mode and mult-passenger mode.

🎁 NEW: The ability to edit a journey date and time when in driver pending status.  This means that if an error has been made in creating the journey you can now change this before allocating a driver.

🎁 NEW: With the new interface you can now have different vehicle colours so you can tell at a glance the journey you’re looking at.

⚡ IMPROVED: The search just got a little smarter and includes all passenger journey look-ups.

⚡ IMPROVED: There are a number of improvements in the recurring journey management area including the ability to add and remove multiple passengers from the main group journey and recurring journeys.

⚡ IMPROVED: Passenger reporting.

🐞 FIXED: General bug fixes and improvements.

Version 114 (08/02/2017)

🎁 NEW: Real-time driver availability now added.  You can now state a time period for a driver to be unavailable during the day to avoid them showing up again on the suggested driver lists.

🎁 NEW: Admin users can now manage their own staff and offices from which they work from.

⚡ IMPROVED: User accounts pages.

🐞 FIXED: A few more minor bugs have been squashed to improve the user experience.

Version 113 (03/02/2017)

🎁 NEW: Admins can now be linked to an operating office so they only see journeys created by that booking office.  This means that admins can navigate easily though journeys only related to them.

🎁 NEW: If a passenger has a journey within a 30 minute window of another journey the software will now flag this up and let you know whether you want to keep or remove the potential duplicate journey.

🎁 NEW: Community area!  You can now send in feature requests and log any bugs which may be found in the new community portal at www.roadxs.com/community.  Please note that only approved users of Road XS are able to access this area at this time.

⚡ IMPROVED: The driver lookup and allocation workflow has been greatly enhanced to include a radius lookup to enhane the suggested driver list.

🐞 FIXED: General minor bug fixes.

Version 112 (09/01/2017)

🎁 UPGRADE: Recurring journeys have been upgraded to include additional options and to make it easier to add multiple journeys in one go.  Journeys can now be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, finish by date or by number of occurrences, occur at defined intervals and more.

⚡ IMPROVED: The driver suggestions feature has been greatly improved to run faster.  You can now select more drivers from the list and the algorithmn has been enhanced to improve speed and efficiency.

⚡ IMPROVED: Reports have been updated and are now easier to navigate.

🐞 FIXED: General bug fixes.

Version 111 (29/11/2016)

🎁 NEW: You can now load up a passenger and create a journey just for that passenger from the passenger profile area.

🎁 NEW: There is now a new process in the system.  When a journey is created it will go into status Driver Pending.  When a driver is allocated the status will now go straight to a new status of Call Pending.  The admins will now need to call the passenger to confirm the details of pickup date and time and mark them as called.  The journey will then go into status Confirmed like before.

🐞 FIXED: General minor bug fixes.

🔨 MODIFIED: When adding a journey, the confirmation screen now has the ability to add another journey for the same passenger by clicking the new button.

🔨 MODIFIED: Recurring journey colours have been tweaked to stand out more.

Version 110 (11/10/2016)

⚡ IMPROVED: Add driver fee page.  You now need to enter the mileage, time, whether the driver has paid the fee and update how the journey went.  If the details have not been entered then the journey remains in status Fee Pending until this has been completed.

🔨 MODIFIED: How to cancel a journey.  You now need to cancel a journey if you have the right permissions from the new sidebar button, not from the drop down box at the top.

🔨 MODIFIED: The user manaual has been updated to reflect the two changes above.

🔨 MODIFIED: The journey tables have been updated and the status background colours so that the system is easier to read on screen.

🐞 FIXED: The estimated admin fee is now overidden by the actual claimed driver miles to provide an accurate fee.

🐞 FIXED: The destination name now shows above the destination address if it comes from the list of pre-stored locations.

🐞 FIXED: Archived passengers no longer show up in the global search bar.

🎁 NEW: On the driver allocation page Refused Journey has been added as a drop down option for drivers.

🎁 NEW: In the driver profile we have added expiry date for the DBS field.

🎁 NEW: The source now shows on the journey information page.

🎁 NEW: The operator who created the journey now shows on the information page and the date and time the journey was created in the system.

Version 109 (08/11/2016)

🐞 FIXED: Journeys which have already occured and in confirmed status now automatically go to fee pending status.

Version 108 (27/10/2016)

🐞 FIXED: When in the driver area the individual driver journeys were not showing.  This has now been fixed.

🔨 MODIFIED: The fee pending status area has now been organised by pick up time and date.

Version 107 (26/10/2016)

🔨 MAJOR UPGRADE: The system was updated to ensure that drivers are only requested when required.  This ensures that the system is not performing unecessary look-ups which was slowing down the system.  This upgrade ensures that the system can be navigated quicker and improves the overall user experience.

Version 106 (05/10/2016)

🔨 MODIFIED: When adding back journeys all drivers are loaded so they can be selected from outside the suggested area.  They also sort now by surname.

🔨 MODIFIED: When allocating a driver the calendar will now default to the date of the appointment.

🎁 NEW: Reports added: Performance Report, Destination Report and Journey Category report along with pie chart and selection options with csv download.

Version 105 (27/09/2016)

🔨 MODIFIED: Driver and passengers apps updated to be sorted by suname first.

🔨 MODIFIED: Driver vehicle details updated to accommodate the new passenger mobility options.

🔨 MODIFIED: You can now filter by arhived and active passengers in the passenger and driver app.

🎁 NEW: Locations category added to enhance reporting.

Version 104 (26/09/2016)

🔨 MODIFIED: Limitations updated.  All unnecessary options were removed.  Do you require a mobility aid and then checkboxes of any required options the passenger needs.  The passenger app was also updated to reflect these changes.

🔨 MODIFIED: Passengers and drivers are no longer deleted from the system but archived.  This prevents the data being lost in the reports and ensures they can be re-activated in the future.

🐞 FIXED: When creating a journey the passenger details were not updating in the passenger app.  This has now been fixed so that the details update as you create the journeys.  This means all passenger information can now be updated as you use the software.

Version 103 (23/09/2016)

🎁 NEW: Monthly performance report created based on source

🎁 NEW: Delayed icons added into the driver admin fee page to capture reasons of journey delays.

Version 102 (22/09/2016)

🎁 NEW: Journey delay options for documenting reasons for why a journey was delayed.

Vesion 101 (21/09/2016)

🔨 MODIFIED: Journey type single has now been renamed to Return.

🐞 FIXED: At 9pm each day journeys completed will be moved to fee pending.

🔨 MODIFIED: For the moment all drivers default max journey is set to 50miles.

🐞 FIXED: Following the change of journey type of Single to Return we have fixed the ability to allocate a driver to a journey.

🐞 FIXED: Vehicle images and driver profile images can now be added to the system under Drivers from the main menu.

⚡ IMPROVED: The estimated driver calculations.  Instead of it showing half the journey it now estimates the entire journey mileage and time.

🎁 NEW: Further details under destinations now show on the journey overview sceen.

🎁 NEW: The day has been added to the pickup date and time on journey overview.

Launch: Version 100 (20/09/2016)

Road XS is launched and on the cloud server for the first time.

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